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Black Swamp AT-LB Large Triangle Bag (Fits up to 10inch Triangle)


Black Swamp AT-SB Small Triangle Bag (Fits up to 8inch triangle)


Black Swamp SET-3 Select Triangle Beaters (Set of 3, Steel Rod Style)


Black Swamp SET-6 Select Triangle Beaters (Set of 6 beaters, Steel, Rod Style)


Black Swamp SPEC1 Spectrum Triangle Beater (Light, 1/4inch)


Black Swamp SPEC2 Triangle Beater (Medium 5/16inch, Bronze, End-weighted)


Black Swamp SPEC3 Spectrum Triangle Beater (Heavy 3/8inch, Bronze, End-weighted style)


Black Swamp SPEC4 Spectrum Triangle Beater (Tear Drop Beater, Bronze, End-weighted)


Black Swamp SPSET-1 Set of 3 Spectrum Beaters (1 x Each Bronze, End-weighted model)


Black Swamp TGP Triangle Gig Pack


Black Swamp TRITRIG – Di Sanza Triangle Trigger


Black Swamp TRPACK Triangle Performance Pack


Black Swamp: SPSET-2 Set of 6 Spectrum Beaters (2 x each Bronze End-weighted model)


Chalklin ME26 Standard Triangle beater set (3 pairs)


Chalklin MS30 Deluxe Triangle Beater Set (3 pairs)