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  • This piece contains an exciting build up with powerful rhythms and syncopations.

    £ 19.95
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  • Through the atmospheric and powerful beginning a mysterious 7/8 groove is introduced. The use of asymmetric time signatures develops throughout the piece, encompassing the full range of both instruments. The energetic nature of the melodic and rhythmic material create a show-stopping and refreshingly inventive duet. 

    £ 15.95
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  • This seven piece ensemble has a lovely little tune running over the top of a groovy timpani bass line. Typical ‘call and response’ patterns are used to open the piece. Each instrument gets a small solo passage to themselves.

    £ 14.95
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  • Another exciting samba from the jazz group "All Bluff and Porterage"

    £ 25.00
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  • Four is a funky composition. The mallet players should try to play the main theme cheerfully accompanied by a groovy drum part and a relaxed bass line.

    £ 18.95
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  • Dry Bones is a simple fun arrangement for beginners, designed to get the foot tapping.

    £ 10.95
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  • A 'duell' between two players including overlapping rhythmic passages, question & answer phrases, Grande pause bars, Dal Segno, Coda and a very atmospheric section.

    £ 9.95
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  • Synders Lot gently pushes the boundaries of fluent ensemble and orchestral percussion reading and playing. Featuring cross-rhythms and a short dynamic solo for every instrument.

    £ 11.99
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  • A great audience pleaser with a strong groove through. 

    £ 16.95
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  • A little suite scored to be performed at the drumkit. It is very important that the performer is aware that this is a percussion piece (no heavy playing or 'thrashing' of the kit) .

    £ 9.95
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Southern Percussion is a family run business aiming to provide everything for the percussionist. We stock the finest instruments personally selected by our specialist resident percussionist and a huge range of music, mallets and accessories.

We are a friendly team who like to offer each of our customers a personal service, whether choosing an instrument, mallets for a particular piece or by tracking down an obscure piece of music. We will even recommend music for a specific occasion, or help with college and school assignments.

If you can't find what you are looking for, would like some advice, or prefer to place an order over the phone, give us a call on +44 (0)1702 522101, or alternatively email us at

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