ComposerSarcich, Paul

Maracas: preferably brightly coloured, but need to have a strong sound. Jingles: preferably a toy instrument provided the sound is strong enough. Toy glock: needs to be strong enough to take a pounding. Bell (Station 3): a school or shipâ??s-type bell, or handbell, rung with an ebonite mallet. Bass Drums (Station 4): should be upright or sloped on either side of the tomtoms. Chimes: are the performerâ??s entrance and exit point. They should be open before the fairly deep drums (eg: tenor drums, odaiko etc) Tom Toms (Station 4): can be concert toms or other powerful, performance, then closed behind the performer to close the circle of instruments. The performer swings them open at the end to make an exit. There should be a noticable difference in pitch between high (RH) and low (LH) The damper bar should be set to so the chimes ring freely. Small bell (Station 6): such as an old telephone or clock bell

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I x 6 is a piece for solo percussionist which incorporates vocalisation, movement and acting. It is based on the idea of the Ages of Man, an idea dating from Ancient Greece but prevalent in medieval times before reaching its most well-known form in Shakespeare.