Variations Over Evelyn Glennie's


ComposerRosauro, Ney


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" In 1991 I spent a week in Grosnjan, Croatia with Evelyn and other percussionists during a summer camp.
During that time I started almost as a joke, to improvise on the marimba and showed Evelyn some interesting ideas for variations on her choral " A Little Prayer".
A Little Prayer is a slow choral almost in a requiem style, so i started making lively variations using many different rhythms and styles to create contrasting atmospheres. 
Every variation contains a different style and uses some popular rhythms from South America. Baiao, Guarania, Tango Maracatu and Valse are among the rhythms portrayed in the comparison.
Later on I transcribed those variations and dedicated the piece to the great marimba player Katarzyna Mycka."

-Ney Rosauro