Concerto For Marimba And Percussion Ensemble


DifficultyAdvanced plus
ComposerRosauro, Ney


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The Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble by Ney Rosauro is in 4 movements.

I) Saudação (Greetings)
II) Lamento (Lament)
III) Dança (Dance)
IV) Despedida (Farewell).

The most popular marimba concerto of all time. "The concerto is superbly written for the unique timbre and virtuoso technical qualities of the marimba." (Percussive Notes)

The concerto contains four movements - unusual for the concerto form – which follow the fast-slow-fast pattern, with the medium tempo third movement inserted before the vigorous finale. Some Brazilian motifs and jazz elements are used throughout the piece, which contains strong rhythmic patterns and catchy melodies. The marimba leads the thematic material throughout much the piece, and as a result, the marimba part of certain movements can be performed solo, without orchestral accompaniment.


I) Saudai¿½i¿½o (Greetings)
II) Lamento (Lament)
III) Dani¿½a (Dance)
IV) Despedida