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100 Tips For Drums You Should Have Been Told


1001 Drum Grooves


101 Breaks – Your Ultimate Guide To Breaks (Fill-Ins)


A Funky Primer for the Rock Drummer


Afro-cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums, Funkifying The Clave


Agostini Drum’s Sessions no. 1 by J. F. Juskowiak


Body Beats


Brazilian Coordination For Drumset, The Essential Method And Workbook


Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation Of Snare Drum Rudiments


Cut Time Drum Parts


Drum Time Play Along


Ejercicios Para La Bateria Pop


Etuden fur Schlagzeug (Etudy pro soupravu bicich nastroju)


Focus On Technique by Frank Derrick


Four-way Fusion For The Mordern Drummer


Groove Box


Hip Pockets – Developing Rock Drum Fills


Hip Pockets – Developing Rock Grooves


Hip Pockets – Developing Your Own Jazz Feel


Hip Pockets – The Working Drummer’s Groove Dictionary


Hot Drum Grooves (Pocketbook Deluxe Series) by James Morton


Hot Drum Grooves Made Easy (Large Print Edition)


Inside my Psychobook


Jazz & Swing Drum Patterns – Flip Book


Jazz Bible Of Coordination, For Swingin’ Drummers Only


Mel Bay’s Studio/jazz Drum Cookbook


Method de Batterie – volume I


Method de Batterie – volume III


New Directions in Rhythm


New Score


Nine Minute Drill by Ralph Hicks


Odd Time Stickings


Patterns in Spanish: Patrones de Ritmo y Compass (Rhythm & Meter Patterns)


Patterns in Spanish: Patrones de Tecnica (Technique Patterns)


Practical Percussion, Graded Studies For Side Drum And Drum Kit


Preparation for Sight-Reading No. 10