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Pearl CarbonCore Championship 8/10/12/13″ Marching Multi Tenor Drum – Quad

Championship CarbonCore Tenors feature unique hybrid shells – 6 plies of Maple enhanced with an inner ply of ultra-light Carbon Fiber. The Maple promotes warmth and tone, while the Carbon Fiber boosts articulation and projection. CarbonCore Tenors sing with new life and cut like you’ve never heard before, all the way up to the 6″ spock drums. Expressive, clear, and articulate across all drums throughout the entire dynamic range …the Magics Inside.


Pearl CarbonPly Championship 8/10/12/13″ Marching Multi Tenor Drum – Quad

The Pearl Championship Maple CarbonCore Marching Tenors have previously only been available to top drum corps. Now everyone can achieve a musical tone with power and volume. Championship Maple CarbonCore snares and tenors feature the warmth and musicality of 6-ply maple combined with the power and strength of an inner ply of carbon fiber for maximum tone, projection and power for peak championship performance. Combined with the world renowned Pearl Championship Maple bass drums, drumlines will now be heard at the back of the stands and beyond with a balance and fullness of tone that is unmatched in the field.

Pearl CarbonCore Drums come standard in #368 Black Silver Burst Lacquer Finish. 


Pearl Maple Championship 8/10/12/13″ Marching Multi Tenor Drum – Quad

Pearl’s Championship Series Marching Toms feature 6-ply 100% Maple shells that deliver deep tonality and extra projection. 2.3mm Steel SuperHoop II rims are anchored in place by high strength 6mm case-hardened tension bolts. Lightweight Aluminum lug casings provide extreme strength and evenly disperse head pressure when aggressively tuned.

Championship Tom shells feature a 2-ply 100% Maple reinforcement ring that adds tremendous strength to the 6-ply Maple shell. This allows maximum shell resonance while providing structural integrity as the tuning goes up. Pearl has included it’s black powder coated spacers. These spacers are Z shaped with off set screws to bring the drums closer together than previous years. The screws are offset to prevent the dipping of drums keeping the playing surface level and rock solid.

Quantity: £975.00

Yamaha Field Corps 8300 8/10/12/13 Marching Multi Tenor Drum Quad

Built on a foundation of experience and an enviable track record at some of the worlds top fields, the 8300 Series Field-Corps(TM) Series Multi-Toms feature a new design with an extra deep cut as well as support for high-tension tuning.

Yamaha’s Field-Corps multi-toms deliver a pure, focused tone that is maximized by a deeper, more balanced set of multi-toms. These toms are equipped with a lug that utilizes an arch-shape design which allows the shell to vibrate freely thus delivering greater tone. The Field-Corps multi-toms are also equipped with a 2.3mm thick, steel Ultra Hoop™ rim that is specially designed by Yamaha. Its profile protects the bearing edge from mallet sweeps, which is especially important as the rim height lowers.

The multi-toms also utilize a high-strength aluminum reinforcement ring inserted just below the bearing edge to maintain shell integrity—especially when high-tension tuning is used.