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Pearl Junior Series 6/8/10″ Trio Tom – Small Carrier included

Pearl’s  Junior  Marching  Series’  Poplar  shells  provide  durability,  while  the  age-appropriate  sizes  allow  for  even  the  smallest  players  to  experience  the  joy  and  excitement  of  playing  marching  drums.  Field-ready  right  out  of  the  box,  Junior Marching Series drums are finished in a classic #33 Pure White wrap and packaged with a matching pre-assembled white powder-coated carrier.  Pearl’s Junior Marching Series battery is a must have for any elementary or middle school music program.


  • #33 Pure White w/ Carrier pre-assembled
  • Poplar Wood Shells
  • Ovular Championship-style badge
  • Lighter Weight for Elementary and Middle School Students
  • MCH Carrier Included, white powder-coat
  • Pearl CC heads
  • 1.6mm Steel Rims
  • MX Series Carrier compatible
  • 4.5KG / 9.9lbs
  • Carrier to fit child 90-120cm height