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Meinl FICY-14 Hanging Finger Cymbals

Strung on a durable cord and made from a special bronze alloy, 14 unique finger cymbals produce a shimmering chorus effect.


Meinl FICY-2 Oriental Finger Cymbals

Measuring 2 3/8” in diameter, they are easy to hold and comfortable to play.


Meinl PFICY-2 Professional Finger Cymbals

Made from a special bronze alloy and attached with a durable cord, these professional finger cymbals are relatively heavy in weight producing a high pitched and cutting, pure ping sound.


Tycoon: Finger Cymbals

• Produces a high-pitched ring, audible over an ensemble

• Constructed of high quality brass

• 2″ in diameter

• Each finger cymbal include a strap for enhanced comfort and control