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Black Swamp 12×15″ Pro10 Studio Series Snare Drum (2.3mm Hoops)

This drum features a 6 ply Maple Shell, 2.3mm hoops and is finished in the classic Mahogany colored lacquer.

Progressive Tension:

The Black Swamp Pro10 Studio series features a new strainer offering truly progressive tension. A single snare unit comprised of gold, blue and stainless cable can be adjusted to varying degrees of tension, increasing control over response and sensitivity. The tension lever can then be locked in place to preserve the desired setting.

The superb quality of sound and clear functionality makes the Pro10 Concert Snare Drum a logical selection for high school or college percussion departments. The locking tension lever discourages curious hands from adjusting an educator’s preferred setting, while the 6 ply maple shell and 2.3mm hoops combine to produce a broad, commanding sound without being overbearing.


Black Swamp 12×15″ Symphonic Field Drum (2.3 mm steel hoops)

When an authentic field drum sound is called for, call on the roar and punch of a Black Swamp Symphonic field drum. These drums embody the true spirit of a field drum sound within a classic design aesthetic. The heart of our sound comes from a soft roundover bearing edge that is cut into a thin 5-ply maple shell with 5-ply reinforcement rings. The thin shell serves to produce a deep and robust tone, while the reinforcement rings add punch and definition. 

Symphonic Field Drums feature our Arch Throw with SoundArt snare system, blending 3 snare units together for a consistent tonal and dynamic response at all playing levels.

Quantity: £1,249.99

Pearl: Philharmonic Snare Drum African Mahogany 15×8

The  Pearl Philharmonic 15″x8″ African Mahogany Concert Snare Drum with Wood Hoops is sure to be a collector’s item that is as beautiful to look at as it is to play.

This Special Production Concert Snare Drum features an 4-ply African Mahogany shell that produces incredible overall tonality with a slight emphasis on low end tone. The 15×8 shell size and unique synthetic gut snares produce a true “concert march” sonic quality that would make J.P. Sousa proud, while still providing a “here and now” quality that will translate over to a wider range of song selection.

In addition to the 4-ply 15×8 shell with full rounded bearing edges, this drum also features 6-ply wood hoops, 8 chrome tube lugs with insulated low profile chrome claw hooks, an SR500 Triad Strainer system with 2 sets of synthetic gut snares and 1 set of heavy coated cable snares, Remo Diplomat batter and Renaissance snare side heads, and limited production quantity label on the inside of the shell.

Renaissance Diplomat batter and Renaissance snare side heads by Remo
       SR-500 Triad Strainer with 2 Synthetic Gut and 1 Heavy Coated cable assemblies
       8 Slim-line chrome tube lugs with insulated low profile chrome claws
       6-ply Maple counter hoops
       4-ply African Mahogany reinforcement rings
       15×8 4-ply African Mahogany shell with full round bearing edges
       Matte Walnut Finish (Color 201)