Five on Five


ComposerPrimatic, Stephen
Number of Players5

Marimba (5-octave, low C)

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£ 35.00


Stephen Primatic’s Five on Five is an aggressive mallet ensemble piece for 5 players on one 5-octave (low C) marimba. Because of the number of players, each performer must be aware of their space and move quickly so as not to disrupt the other performers. This makes for an artful, amusing, and unique spectacle.

Five on Five consists of three sections. The opening section is propelled forward by constant 16th notes that are passed around the ensemble. The middle section is comprised of slower, more reflective musical material with an ostinato split between players 4 & 5 and lyrical, melodic material in the other players. The third and final section is a return to the unrelenting 16th note material of the opening.