Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps has an education oriented focus dedicated to providing its members with a unique performing experience catering for almost 100 young people and adults across three performance groups based primarily on age. Many of the current performers have been a part of the Cadence Organisation since 2008 progressing through the ranks. The members mainly come from the Surrey/Berkshire area of the UK but there are a number of current performers who travel from Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and even as far afield as bonnie Scotland!

Formed in 1991 as a merger between two local Reading based marching bands Cadence saw a small level of success on the national DCUK (Drum Corps United Kingdom).

In 1992 the Corps was lucky enough to be given a generous endorsement deal with the REMO Company who had recently launched the revolutionary Legato floating snare drum, the 1st endorsement of its kind in the UK

In the winter of 1996 cadence joined forces with Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps from Guildford and a new Cadence was formed.

Over the next three years Cadence climbed the ranks leading to the national Open Class Championship title in 1999.

After Years of competitive playing it was decided that the main corps and the juniors corps should merge and in 2005 the organisation started from scratch with a focus on fun. They have gone from strength to strength increasing in size and age range to its current incarnation.

By 2013 it was time for reinvestment in marching instruments and Cadence formed a partnership with Kanstul of Anaheim who in turn had formed a partnership with TAMA Marching Drums.

Corps Manager Paul Riddell, having seen the TAMA Marching Drums on a website video link was instantly impressed by the classic look coupled with innovative construction ideas and several high profile endorsements and made contact with Tom Float from TAMA USA as TAMA at time had no UK distribution. Within a few weeks after many emails between the UK, USA and Japan it was agreed that Headstock Distribution (NowTAMA UK.) would import the drums from Japan and a generous partial endorsement was made. Cadence has caused quite a stir as the sole UK based members of the TAMA Marching Drums family with many competitors and fans marvelling at the build quality and sound the drums produced.

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