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A Christmas Overture by Alexis Orfaly


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Mendelssohn arr. Brian Slawson


A Taste of The Classics by Chris Brooks


Above the Clouds by Joe Moore III


Aeolian Dreams by Chris Roode


Allegro Barbaro by Bartok arr. David Steinquest


Alternate Realities by James Campbell


Anitra’s Dance from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 by Grieg arr. Brian Slawson


Arcanical Plains by Christopher Deane


As above, As below by Nathan Daughtrey


At The Dawn Of War by Kevin Erickson


Barbe-Bleue by Offenbach arr. Thierry Besancon


Beyond Basic Percussion by Eric Rath and Ralph Hicks


Beyond the Clouds by Jim Casella


Carol Of the Bells by Leontovychm arr. Eric Rath


Cellar Door by Ed Witt


City Soca by Arthur Lipner


Clouds Make Songo Away by Josh Gottry


Combo Meal by Josh Gottry




Critical Mass by Matthew Moore


Cyclone by Jim Casella


Dad Dances by Clif Walker


Dance of the Knights from Romeo & Juliet


Dark Flight


Desert Express by Leander Kaiser


Doors by Dave Hall




Duetto (2004)


Equinox by Michael Tompkins


Escape From Pirate Cove




Fanfare by Jonathan Ovalle


Fiesta en la Playa


Firefly by Nathan Daughtrey


Four Duets for One Marimba by Paul Sarcich