Dancing Mallets


ComposerLetham, James

Solo Xylophone with Piano Accompaniment

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Four contrasting pieces comprising various styles, all of which are great fun for the performer and audience.


4 contrasting pieces comprising of various styles all of which are great fun for the performer and audience.

PERKY POLKA    The “wrong” notes are right!  There’s more than a hint of the comic (unexpected rests and pauses, as well as melodic surprises) in this dialogue for xylophone and piano – a piece much enjoyed by performers and audience.

LEDERHOSEN POLKA    Think of Bavarian brass bands, with a hint of yodelling!  Wearing leather shorts is optional!

WISTFUL WALTZ    A sad, but hauntingly beautiful and flowing melody, heard above a gently rippling piano part, which exploits the rich tone of the vibraphone – though it can also be played on marimba, when any note longer than a crotchet should be played with tremolo.

CHIRPY CHARLESTON    Having fun is what this piece is all about.  With lots of typical Charleston syncopations, chromatic inflections and cheeky grace notes, this is a sure-fire winner!  Make sure you count carefully in the middle 8 – lots of hidden hazards!