Lost Luggage


ComposerKnight, Edward


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Lost Luggage by Edward Knight is a four mallet solo scored for 4.6 octave marimba (low E). This piece tells the tale of a traveler and his suitcase. The story begins at the baggage carousel which revolves its luggage in a stately waltz. When his bag does not appear, our traveler retires to the airport bar to await word, surrounded by echoes of the gremlins that gleefully thwart travel plans. His brooding is broken by the intercom calling his name over the airport din. He is beckoned to the nearest courtesy phone; the bag has been found! Electronic eyes track his progress to the counter, where he takes a place in line. Hopeful anticipation soon dissolves into a verbal tango with the baggage clerk. This look-alike luggage is not his. Meanwhile, the missing bag is thousands of miles away, being happily carried through a Moroccan street market on its way to a new adventure. This piece may be performed as a whole in the specific order, or in any number of combinations.