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[A]tudes, 26 Advanced Studies for Snare Drum by Caleb Pickering

As percussionists, we have no shortage of method and etude books covering every aspect and style of snare drumming. These texts not only exist in quantity but also in quality. Over time, many of these styles and approaches have begun to converge, and the lines separating concepts such as “rudimental drumming vs concert drumming” have become blurred for the better, and modern snare drum literature has become a melting pot of various styles.

The twenty-six etudes found within this book are approximately one minute in length. While brief, these studies are designed to be rhythmically dense and technically intricate, demanding the performer’s hands and mind stay fully engaged for the duration of each etude.

Each of these twenty-six etudes is associated with a corresponding letter of the English alphabet. This alphabetical system can be used in several ways if the performer so wishes:

Playing the performer’s initials (Bryan Caleb Pickering = Etudes B C P)

Playing words, while skipping over doubled letters (Coffee = C O F E)

Design your own!


10 Hall of Fame Snare Drum Solos

10 Hall of Fame Snare Drum Solos by Tom Siwe are, quite simply, some of the most creative and musical pieces for snare drum on the market today. Each solo is dedicated to a P.A.S. (Percussive Arts Society) Hall of Fame member who has had a profound influence on the development of modern percusson music. The pieces themselves emulate the musical styles of the artists to whom they are dedicated. An interesting biograhical sketch and photograph accompanies each work. This is a must have collection for all college percussion students.


10 Sequential Solos for Rudimental Snare Drum by Tom Morgan

The ten solos in this book correspond to the even-numbered solos in A Sequential Approach to Rudimental Snare Drum, and are ideal for music festivals and recitals. This makes it possible for students to perform solos during any point in their study of the method book. Students may also want to use 10 Sequential Solos for Rudimental Snare Drum simply as supplemental material to go along with A Sequential Approach to Rudimental Snare Drum. Each solo uses the rudiments listed along with rudiments used in previous solos.

The Solos
Pathfinder (9-stroke roll, 5-stroke roll)
Hyperdrive (flam, flam tap)
Belshazzar (flam accent, flam paradiddle)
Armageddon (flamacue, 13-stroke roll, the drag, 15-stroke roll)
The Champion (single stroke four, lesson 25, single drag tap, 11-stroke roll)
Strike Force! (double drag tap, single ratamacue)
The Temple of Doom (double ratamacue, single ratamacue, double paradiddle, triple ratamacue)
Shell-Shocked (10-stroke roll, drag paradiddle #1 & 2)
Power Surge (6-stroke roll, single paradiddle-diddle, swiss triplet, pataflafla)
Termination Point (single dragadiddle, 17-stroke roll, buzz roll, triple stroke roll)


10 Solos for Snare Drum and Piano

This book underlines the snare drum's expressive possibilities and enhances the whole music experience. The book contains ten original and contrasting pieces for snare drum and piano, in various time signatures and increasing levels of difficulty. On the CD you will find a demo track as well as a play-along version of each piece.


10/31/09 Prelude by Casey Cangelosi

Casey Cangelosi’s 10/31/09 Prelude for solo snare drum is a very flashy rudimental snare drum solo. It features backsticking, stick twirls, and more! The musical content is equally substantial to the visual making the impact of this solo even greater.


100 Rhythm Etudes For Snare Drum by Joe Maroni

Each of these 100 etudes utlilizes at least one of the 26 rudiments of drumming. These etudes are presented in several differen ime signatures with suggested metronome markings.


11 Graduated Studies For Snare Drum

Graduated Studies for Snare Drum is a series of 11 studies. Each study highlights different aspects of technique graded from moderately difficult to severe tests for even the most accomplished performer.


12 Progressive Solos For Snare Drum

 12 arrangements of snare drum solos, rising in difficulty from easy to difficult, that have long been standard items on examination and contest lists thorughout the world. Excellent practice material for snare drum practice.


13 Snare Drum Studies by Eckhard Kopetzki

Kopetzki’s snare drum series is a fun and imaginative take on beginning snare drum. Basic rock beats are infused with common technical passages that will prepare the beginning snare drummer for many musical scenarios.


1st Recital Series For Snare Drum

Carefully graded solos from very easy up to early intermedialte levels. Original compositions by many of today’s finest composers.


1st Recital Series Piano Accompaniment For Snare Drum

Piano Accompaniment for 1st Recital Series for Snare Drum