ComposerVenet, Andrea
Number of Players5

 2 vibraphones
 Marimba (4.3-octave, low A)
 Marimba (5-octave, low C)
 Snare drum

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Dr. Andrea Venet wrote the first version of Kibo in 2005 while studying rudimental snare drumming with the famous Bob Becker. She later updated the piece after studying other great rudimental works by John S. Pratt and Joseph Tompkins. Elements of these composers can be found in Kibo, such as a variety of rudiments, a host of sticking permutations, various treatments of ruffs and flams, and a wide range of dynamics. 

While composing Kibo, Venet was inspired by Africa, a song by the 80’s rock band Toto. While not a cover, the piece does contain harmonic motives and rhythmic cells sourced directly from the song.