International Tuned Percussion Competition

Southern Percussion International Tuned Percussion Competition

Competition Details and Regulations

Competition Date:

Saturday 21st April 2018 (Opening Evening Concert by Judges and Friends)
Sunday 22nd April 2018

Venue:The Purcell School
Aldenham Road
Bushey, Hertfordshire ED23 2TS
Additional Activities:Workshops/Trade Stands/Evening Concert


A students aged 18 and under
on 31 August 2018
B students aged 16 and under
on 31 August 2018
C students aged 14 and under
on 31 August 2018

Times (subject to change):Class C    11.00
Class C Adjudication following the Class
Class B    13.00
Workshop 14.30
Classes A & B Adjudication 15.00
All performances must be on one of the following percussion instruments:Marimba

Judges: International Panel: Nebojsa Zivkovic, Verónica Cagigao (Tak-Nara Percussion Group), Chien Jen-Ting and Chien Jen-Yu (Twincussion)

Candidates to prepare one or more pieces not to exceed the time limits listed below.

Pieces performed may be with piano accompaniment.

Class C will consist of a performance followed by a brief workshop on the piece(s) performed. Classes A & B will consist of a performance only.

As a rough guide students will be expected to be playing at the following levels:
Class A - Grade VIII and above
Class B - Grade VI and above
Class C - Grade IV and above

Maximum Time Limits:
Class A - 8 mins
Class B - 6 mins
Class C - 4 mins

Candidates may only enter for one Class.

Fee: £20 per entrant. This fee includes participation in Workshops & entrance to the evening performance.

£5 non participating attendees (evening performance included)

Previous First Prize winners are ineligible to enter the same class again.

Closing date to enter the competition 1st April 2018.

There are a limited number of places available and inclusion in the competition cannot be guaranteed. Selection will be on a first come first served basis for each Class. A full refund will be given to candidates who are not offered a place in the competition.

Incomplete application forms will be considered invalid and the candidate will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

No changes to repertoire will be allowed after 1st April 2018.

Application forms and fees should be sent to:
Southern Percussion, Elmwood, The Drive, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8XQ. ENGLAND


Application forms (available from the Southern Percussion website) can emailed and entry fees can be paid online.
Email address:

The fee must be paid at the time of entering the competition. Entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstances other than not being selected to participate in the competition, invalid entry form or cancellation of the competition. Cheques should be made payable to Southern Percussion Ltd.

There will be 2 warm-up rooms available on the day of the competition.

Candidates must supply their own accompanist (if needed).

Copies of pieces to be performed must be provided for the adjudicators.

Performance presentation will be taken into consideration and there is a preference for pieces to be announced for Classes A & B.

The adjudicators reserve the right to stop any performance that runs over the time limits stated above.

The adjudicators will select a winner and runner-up from each class and their decision will be final.

Southern Percussion will select the most promising player in each class and their decision will be final. The most promising player will not include one of the prize winners.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Southern Percussion may arrange for an official photographer to be used on the day. If parents object to their child’s photograph being taken they must indicate this on the application form. Otherwise by entering the competition parents are giving Southern Percussion the right to use photographs for publicity purposes.

No unofficial photographs may be taken and no recordings of performances may be made.

By entering the competition students are agreeing to abide by the rules and details outlined above.

There is not a set repertoire list for this competition but to give you a rough guide here is a list of pieces previously performed at the competition.

Class Piece
A Mexican Dance No. 2 - Stout
A Farewell to Stromness - P.M Davies arr. S Wilson
A Ilijas - Zivkovic
A Prelude and Blues - Rosauro
A Eastern Fantasia - Rihards Zalupe
A Parody - Jesse Monkman
A Katamiya - Emmanuel Sejourne
A Ghanaia - Matthias Schmitt
A Rotation 2 - Sammut
A Trance by Samuels

B Choro Bachiano - Ney Rosauro
B Ballade by Zivkovic
B Asturias - Albeniz
B Little Friendly Giant by Lalo
B Footpaths by Samuels
B Prism - Keiko Abe
B Wind Across the Mountain - Abe
B Yellow after the Rain - Peters
B Rotation 2 - Sammut

C On the track unknown/traditional
C Czardas
C On the Border, Weijmans
C Something she said
C My Dear Friend
C Rondo from Sonata K.545 - Mozart
C Ghanaia - Matthias Schmitt
C Asturias - Albeniz
C On Another Track by Simpson
C Boogalie-Woogalie by Bartlett
C Tango by Bartlett
C Czardinas by Faulkener




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