Black Swamp: CT1314 - 13"and 14" Concert Tom (including Stand)

Size13" & 14"

New product

£ 725.00


We designed these toms specifically to serve the unique needs of the concert percussionist. Concert toms are primarily used in acoustic situations, and due to the types of patterns that are typically played on them, the best type of instrument will produce a sound that blends articulation with a full-bodied sound. Black Swamp Concert Toms achieve this balance by combining a number of design elements:

8-ply Rock Maple shells, with reinforcement rings, allows for a controlled amount of sustain without too much "boom". Reinforcement rings help to focus the attack for articulation.

Custom-designed bearing edges to produce a round, warm, musical sound that will blend with ensemble music large and small.

Toms come standard with Evans G1 coated batter and G1 clear resonant. In our extensive tests, we found these heads to further balance the sound.


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