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  • Bell Instruments
  • Classroom Beaters

    An affordable range of beaters designed for small hands from Rohema

  • Kid Shakers and Maracas

    A beautifully crafted collection of instruments to fill the imagination from Rohema and Meinl

  • Percussion Sets

    A carefully chosen selection of instruments for little hands beautifully crafted from Rohema

  • Wak-a-Tubes

    Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured tuned percussion tubes primarily used as a musical educational tool and are easy to play and lots of fun. They are able to teach rhythm, melody and harmony all in one go.

  • Wooden Timbres

    Classroom instruments including Claves, Rakataks, Woodblocks,Toneblocks, Agogo, Gurios and Wooden Toms