One Vibe: DEMO 3 oct Silver Bar Vibraphone (with motor)


Series One Vibe
Size 3 Octave

New product

£ 5,500.00


Experience the new One Vibe™ : marimba one™ quality, full projection and warm resonance across the entire keyboard. Designed from the ground up by Ron Samuels and the same team of engineers and master craftsmen that bring you the world's most respected marimbas. Our vibraphones are 100% designed and built in Arcata, California, USA.

Full-size keyboard is 100% evenly dampened
When using the damper bar, all keys from top to bottom are 100% evenly dampened. We build a fine adjustment into the damper bar.

Izzy™ height adjustment system
Our gas spring height adjustment system allows you to raise and lower the vibe smoothly and effortlessly. Built-in tape measures insure your preferred keyboard height. 

Easy to transport
The most rigid frame in the industry, the easiest to assemble, and the lightest weight at 111 pounds (50kg).

Fans always stop in the vertical position
No need to adjust the fans to the fully open position. The player is guaranteed the full resonance and projection of the vibe every time the motor is turned off.

Adjustable damper pedal
The player can adjust the height of the damper pedal. The damper pedal swivels from side to side.


This instrument could be yours with easy payments and up to 18 months interest free credit ( subject to status) from as little as £278 per month. If this is your way forward please give us a call today on 01702 522 101 for a quote and payment options.

Credit product

  • Credit product 18 months interest free credit
  • Deposit required £ 500.00
  • Minimum loan value £720
  • Maximum loan value £5,000