Black Swamp: Multisonic 5.5x14" - Titanium Elite Shell Snare Drum - incl. Bag


Material Titanium
Depth 5.5 inch
Size 14 inch

New product

£ 1,250.00


Black Swamp Multisonic concert snare drums are given their namesake from the highly-advanced Multisonic throw-off. Five different types of snare wires can be used in any possible combination, providing you with so many sonic options you won't know what to do with them. Each snare type has a specific character:

  • Gold Coated Cable - The closest to traditional gut snares, these wires are thick and respond best at high volume levels with a dry, throaty tone. Great for aggressive playing (Shostakovich comes to mind).
  • Blue Coated Cable - the little brother of Gold Coated, these cables are a little thinner to better respond at medium volume levels with a dry articulate tone. These cables are perfect as a go-to choice for middle-of-the-road playing.
  • Stainless Steel Cable - These cables work best at soft to medium volume levels, and their wet overall character makes them well suited for rolls.
  • Wire Wound Cable - the thin cables on this snare create a crisp, extremely articulate tone that works best at quiet volume levels. These are the snares you need to perfectly execute those pianissimo four-stroke ruffs.
  • Curly Wire - typically known as Snappy Snares, these curled wires provide a little bite to the overall sound of the drum at softer volume levels, giving you a fifth sound option.

The Multisonic throw-off allows you to mix and match within a matter of seconds - change timbres several times throughout the same piece!

Each Black Swamp snare drum comes complete with a well padded soft case.


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