Big Swop - Mallets


Difficulty Beginner
Composer Gorp, Fons Van
Accompaniment CD
Instrumentation Any keyboard Percussion Instrument

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That this edition is just as suitable for mallet instruments as for wind and string instruments becomes quickly obvious when you leaf through the book and listen to the accompanying CD. The book is not technically demanding, but a musical challenge for the mallet player who needs to play the pieces in the required manner and style. As a help you will find a number of 'rolls' which should be performed with a good feeling for technicality and musicality. Whether or not the 'rolls' are performed and the choice of sticks naturally remains a matter of personal choice and musical taste. The choice of instruments also plays an important role. Big Swing Pop is a challenge for all mallet players who want to swing. - Gert Bomhof



  • Take Off
  • It's Rocktime Baby
  • Mr John
  • Caribbean Express
  • Easy Man
  • Come On Let's Dance
  • Lonely Rock
  • The Bicycle Groove
  • So Beautiful
  • Hey Disco
  • Waltz For L
  • Rag Is Back