Lion Dance


Difficulty Intermediate
Composer Dittgen, Brandon
Number of Players 5

Percussion 1 (Low Tom-Tom, Sizzle Cymbal, Opera Gong)
Percussion 2 (Snare Drum, China Cymbal, Piccolo Woodblock)
Percussion 3 (High Tom-Tom, Bass Drum, Splash Cymbal)
Percussion 4 (Tam-Tam, 2 Low Woodblocks, Bongos, Jing Cymbals)
Percussion 5 (Medium Tom-Tom, Suspended Cymbal, Claves)

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This exciting work for percussion quintet replicates timbres authentic to eastern drum ensembles with common western instrumentation. It offers featured moments for each player, and will be a welcome addition of new sounds and styles on your next concert.