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Tapspace: Rat-Pad


New product

£ 9.95


It's a drum pad.
It's a mouse pad.
It's quiet.
It feels great to play on.
 It looks like a used drumhead.
It's all of the above!

The Tapspace Rat-Pad gives you a cushioned, bouncy surface for your practice pad or any other surface for a unique and quiet drumming experience. Carefully selected from just the right thickness of material, this is the quintessential drummer's mouse pad - or mouser's drum pad. Either way, if you're a drummer, it'll be hard to resist the three-dimensional design. Even though it's completely flat, it looks as if it fell off the shelf of last year's road tour.
While the Rat-Pad works great on any table or hard, flat surface, it's also been designed to fit perfectly within the rim of the Invader v3 rudimental practice pad made by our good friends at Offworld Percussion.
Chops and mousing skills not included. We always encourage keyboard shortcuts.