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  • Anders Astrand Series

    These mallets are designed for specialist and composer, Anders Astrand. They are available in five models for a variety of sound choices.

  • Casey Cangelosi Series

    Wrapped in an environmentally friendly bamboo-blended cord, the Casey Cangelosi Series Marimba Mallets combines the rich, warm tonal characteristics of yarn with the articulate clarity of cord. These mallets are built on birch dowels with a natural finish and allow for a heavy bass sound without sounding muddy or washy, a delicate touch for lyrical legato passages that speak from the mallet immediately, and a steady timbre throughout the dynamic range. The two softest mallets are also available with a soft yarn wrap.

  • Christopher Lamb...

    After more than two years of intense development, this exceptional collection of mallets takes clear aim at the unique timbre possibilities that one is able to create on the xylophone. The Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series xylophone mallets are constructed with individually engineered custom-molded cores with varying weights specific to each model, strategically placed in either the top or center of the mallet head to create optimum feel, balance, and sound. This series allows the player to experience the colorful, comically clever side of the xylophone?s character, as well as its cutting edge, powerhouse presence required in a concert hall. Take time to examine the wood on wood collection (made with Honduras rosewood cores) for an ever expanding point of view. Given the considerable magnitude of orchestral repertoire, the countless solo materials written for xylophone, along with the varieties of touch needed, these tools will help the player craft his or her desired sound.

  • David Friedman Series

    The David Friedman Series vibraphone and marimba mallets were designed for internationally acclaimed percussionist, composer, and educator, David Friedman. The marimba mallets are cord-wrapped, while the vibraphone models are wrapped with a synthetic yarn, and all models are built on rattan handles.

  • Double Ended Mallets

    Designed to cover the needs of any multi-percussion setup.

  • Drumsticks and Brushes

    Designed to meet the needs of any drumset player from small jazz combo to rock and roll.

  • Ensemble Series

    These mallets are designed for the indoor ensemble. Various combinations of latex, yarn and large rubber cores produce an extremely warm tone. This quality, combined with dynamic versatility and durability, makes these mallets essential for the extensive repertoire of todays demanding percussion ensemble.

  • Fundamental Series

    Manufacured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series Keyboard Mallets were specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind.

  • Gong Mallets

    The Concert Series Gong Mallets are constructed using large red oak handles for improved control and a brass ring for added weight. Heavy solid rubber cores of two different sizes are used to give the added weight needed to start even the largest gong easily and with minimal effort. Durable synthetic felt liners and covers provide for a full dark tone quality with no contact noise.

  • James Ross Series

    This series has been designed for Chicago Symphony Orchestra percussionist James Ross. Nine different models are offered to meet the demands of today's orchestral percussionist.

  • Ludwig Albert Series

    This line of professional keyboard mallets has been specifically designed for Belgium marimba artist Ludwig Albert III. The eight models feature shafts constructed of superior quality rattan and specially weighted rubber cores and varying sizes and degrees of hardness. Wool-blend yarn is used to fully maximize the dynamic potential of the line, while the unique shape allows for precise tonal clarity. The length provides an ultimate balance, which will meet the needs of today?s professional player

  • Mark Ford Series

    This series have been designed exactly to the specifications of marimba soloist and percussion educator Mark Ford. They consist of a variety of rubber cores combined with an extra-soft yarn. This results in the mallets producing a legato tone at all dynamic levels.

  • Nebojsa Javan Zivkovic...

    This Series produces a varying tone that gradually starts to cut through as the dynamic performance increases. It offers multiple timbres in between soft and hard and is the ideal mallet for contemporary works that often include sudden changes between harsh fortissimo runs and tender, rich rolls.

  • Orchestral Series

    This series of 7 orchestral xylophone and glockenspiel mallets has been designed in conjunction with Chris Deviney of the Philadelphia Orchestra with the orchestral player in mind. A coloured piece of tape is also added to the shaft to distinguish each particular model.

  • Pius Cheung Series

    The Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets features six models with rubber cores of varying hardness. Constructed on rattan handles, each model is wrapped with a very unique (alpaca-blend) yarn that allows the player to produce a tone of gold at extreme dynamic ranges from the utmost silky pianissimo to peasante fortissimo with minimal effor

  • She-e Wu Series

    These Marimba Mallets are a set of eight with mallets varying hardness, including two models specifically designed for concerto playing. Each mallet has natural birch handles and each captures the unique style, sensitivity, and essence of the artist that makes She-e Wu.