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Les Hooper has won  7 Grammy nominations, Emmy, Clio and film festival awards. He has had the gift of variety in his musical life - Albums:  Big Band, Hoopla, Virtual, African, Piano Pieces, Orchestral. Movies, TV Shows, over 90 published pieces of music, hundreds of commercials and orchestral commissions.  His current album, “Out of the Woods” is available now and another one is in the works.

On the following pages all the albums are for sale and there are short demos attached to each.   To order  just click on the CC Now logo which will take you to their page and just follow instructions to purchase.

Les has lived in 3 distinctly different locations (Baton Rouge, Chicago and Los Angeles)
which accounts for a wide range of musical output.  Les has been interested in music since the age of 4 and his love of music has has grown  into a rewarding career.

With a wide array of orchestral samples and powerful programs,  scores come to life with amazing realism.  Les  recently began playing live with the band again and can be heard around the L.A. area.

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