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Jennifer Margaret Barker has received commissions and performances from most notably The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra with the St. Louis Children’s Choirs, The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra with the New Jersey Youth Chorus, The Virginia Symphony with The Virginia Children’s Chorus, The Fort Collins Symphony, The Bearsden Choir with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Brass and Percussion Ensembles, The Scottish Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, The Scottish Chamber Orchestra String Trio, Orchestra 2001, Relâche, Network for New Music, The Society for New Music, Mélomanie, 6ixwire, Trio Arundel, The Taggart-Grycky Duo, Vocali3e, Del’Arte Woodwind Quintet, Colorado College Woodwind Quintet, Musica Nova, The Holywell Ensemble, Duo Pegasus, Marimolin, The Hardwick Ensemble, The Children’s Chorus of Maryland, and The Bay Youth Symphony, as well as an extensive list of international concert artists, which includes Kevin Robert Orr, Eilidh Mackenzie, Heather Corbett, Dewi Ellis Jones, Laurie Baefsky, Augustine Mercante, Francesca Hurst, Xiang Gao, Cathy Yang, , Howard Watkins, Steven Beck, Susan Grace, Paul Nagem, Daryll Stevens, Katharine Knight, Jerilyn Jorgensen, Leslie Stewart and Ekaterina Dobrotvorskaia.

Her compositional work is featured on the Distant Voices Touring Theatre ‘September Echoes’ production, and on documentary and art films, including “No Denying” and "A Box of Whistles". Two of her works have been featured as music/video art in a Crane Arts exhibit in Philadelphia. To date, her works have been performed in China (mainland and Hong Kong), Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, The Czech Republic and Slovenia, as well as in the United Kingdom (Scotland, England and Wales) and the United States. Scores of her works have also been sold in Spain, France, Finland, Canada, Israel, Argentina and Brazil.

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  •  Blue Water, commissioned by Heather Corbert, principal percussionist of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, depicts the calm spiritual elements of nature, particularly that of water.

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