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Minoru Miki was born in Tokushima, Japan in 1930 and graduated in music from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1955.

In the 1960s Miki began to augment his training in the western classical style by exploring composition for traditional Japanese instruments. Out of this grew the Pro Musica Nipponia (formerly the Ensemble Nipponia) which Miki founded and took on extensive tours around the world. Many works written during this time were created in close collaboration with leading performing artists such as the koto player Keiko Nosaka and the marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe.

Miki commenced during the 1970s what was to become an epic cycle of nine full-length operas on Japanese historical and literary themes, starting with Shunkinsho, which won the Giraud Opera Prize. Due to a burgeoning interest in Asian music from the English Music Theatre Company (successor to Benjamin Britten’s English Opera Group) Miki received a commission to write An Actor’s Revenge which was first performed in London in 1979. 

Miki was a pioneer in cross-cultural fusion, combining elements of western classical music with the instruments and performance traditions native to Japan, China and Korea in a unique and sensitive fashion. 

Miki received many awards during his lifetime, most notably in 2000 the Order of the Rising Sun – the highest honour conferred by the Japanese government in recognition of the promotion of Japanese culture. In 2009 he was awarded the Fukuoka Arts & Culture Prize in recognition of his significant contribution to the creative musical interchange between Japan and Asia and between the East and the West.

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  • Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki was written in 1983-84 and is dedicated to Japanese marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe. This NEW edition of Marimba Spiritual contains the score and separate parts for each performer! According to the composer, the piece is composed in an organic fashion, with the first half of the piece as a static requiem and the last part a...

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  • Notes from the composer:This is not a rehearsal score with all the dates of the orchestra. In case performance, players may play this version from 5. It is almost impossible to substitute the beginning orchestra section for a piano. 

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  • Minoru Miki was born in Tokushima, Japan in 1930 and graduated from Tokyo National University of Music as a composition major. He founded Pro Musica Nipponia in 1964 and served as Artistic Director for 20 years, and as a composer he has a vast oeuvre of works. His cooperation with Keiko Abe, and later the Safri Duo has lead to some very important works...

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  • This piece was composed during 1983 to the beginning of 1984, at the time of the acute period of starvation and famine in Africa. The piece is composed in a organic fashion, with the first half of the piece as a static requiem and the last part a lively resurrection. The title is an expression of the total process.The piece was commissioned by NHK, but...

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