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Peter O'Gorman is a composer, percussionist, and interdisciplinary  artist based in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area. He has received  numerous commissions, grants, awards, and fellowships for his  compositional work. His music has been performed by the Bang on a  Can All-Stars, Amy Knoles of the California Ear Unit, Ethos, and  numerous other performers.
 Peter creates music that defies categorization while engaging  listeners on multiple levels. His compositions are emotional, visceral,  cerebral, and kinetic. Critics have labeled his work as "...wildly  inventive..." and have referred to Peter as a "...sonic shape shifter…." His compositions often employ new, unusual, and unique percussion  instruments and techniques.

In addition, he turns objects, food,  breath, and even air into musical instruments.  Peter has worked as a soloist and with a multitude of very diverse  composers and ensembles. As a performer, he specializes in “new  music,” the avant-garde, and various forms of improvised music. Currently, Peter performs with Mary Ellen Childs, Joe Chvala and the  Flying Foot Forum, and various other artists. Performing highlights  include: Bang on a Can Festival, Other Minds Festival, Percussive  Arts Society International Convention, and many other  notable  events.

 In addition to composing and performing, Peter is also a teaching  artist, author, and clinician. His pedagogical publications include a  variety of articles on drumming and the critically acclaimed drumset  method book series, Drum Sessions.

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